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Addressable Optical Thermal Detector


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  • The design of the new analog detectors of the 200 series uses the latest technological advances. Their innovative style converts the 200 range into one of the most elegant on the market and the ideal solution for installations that seek a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

    The Detnov range of detectors in the 200 series is available in 4 models: a thermovelocimetric detector (58 ºC), a thermal detector (78 ºC), an optical detector and an optical-thermal detector. All of these devices are compatible with the Detnov analog units of the CAD-150 family.

    The address of the analog detectors of the 200 series is assigned by means of the PGD-200 programmer. The use of this tool avoids any duplicate error, since the operation is performed automatically.

    The detectors and modules of the analogue system must be connected using a twisted and shielded 2 x 1.5 mm2 cable, limited to a maximum loop length of 2 km and ensuring that the loop is closed (EN-54 requirements). The necessary short circuit isolation modules must be installed to simplify the location of any faults. The maximum number of elements that the loop can support is 250.

    The operating principle of the DOTD-230A detector is based on the presence of a labyrinth-type detection chamber which, thanks to its design, avoids the flow of drafts and facilitates the transport of smoke towards the sensor. The detection principle is based on the Tyndall effect: when smoke penetrates inside the optical chamber, the transmitter transmits an infrared signal to the receiver because of the reflections of this signal in the smoke, which causes the triggering the alarm state of the detector. The room is protected by a grid that prevents the entry of dirt and insects. This accessory is easy to replace when needed. This detector also incorporates algorithms to compensate for the fouling level of the chamber, which prevents the triggering of false alarms due to the dirt deposited over time and makes it possible to postpone the date of maintenance of the apparatus.

    This detector is equipped with a temperature sensor capable of detecting rapid increases within a defined period of time. This element is also able to detect a temperature greater than or equal to 58 ºC. In the event of one of these two situations, the device switches to the alarm state.

    The connection of the analog detectors of the 200 series passes i

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