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Addressable fire alarm control panel with 1 loop


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  • The Detnov Fire Detection Centers are certified according to EN54-2 and EN54-4 standards to meet all requirements of small and medium sized installations. This range of plants is divided into 2 models: the 1-loop system and the 2-loop system. Each loop is able to control up to 250 elements, with no restrictions on the number of detectors and modules to install. The supply and communication between the elements of the loop and the power plant take place through 2 strands, the connection of these elements on the loop being able to support nonpolarization. Among the performance common to the entire range are the relay outputs for the alarm state and the fault state, the 2 monitored siren outputs and the permanent auxiliary power outputs. Optionally, it is also possible to connect a communication card for remote control as well as integration with other systems. The control panels are equipped with a keyboard that allows you to customize the language and a display of 4x40 characters presenting all the necessary information in the form of menus and submenus, in which it is easy to navigate thanks to the keypad. The control panel also has system status LEDs and alarm and failure LEDs for the different zones. The central unit allows to launch an automatic search, a function which simplifies the start-up of the system and which leads to a reduction of the costs of execution of the works. It also has software that allows you to name the elements of the loop, assign zones and create maneuvers with the inputs and outputs of the system. The CAD-150-1 and CAD-150-2 plants can be networked with other Detnov power plants and repeaters. The network may consist of up to 32 plants or repeaters.

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